About Us

We are building a business services marketplace. Our first services simplify company formation and business energy switching (EnergyBillKill.com).

A few years ago Michael Rossman (Co-Founder) wondered why life is so complicated for small and medium sized businesses. There is no Tesco, Lidl or Waitrose where a business can come and get everything sorted easily. Every business service is a form-filling pain in the behind, mind numbing and time destroying experience. We come from the financial services industry and deeply understand that time is money. 

We have a fantastic customer support team and technology partners. We are building MachFast Group to make our own lives simpler. We want to get stuff done quickly when we need specific business services.

Charles, Lord Aldington is the company’s chairman.

What problem is MachFast Group solving?

UK businesses spend £60bn+ on business services. Small and Medium Sized businesses are the main contributors to this spending. Brokers intermediate most business services with limited technology use. Broker commissions run as high as 20%+. These costs are a hidden tax on business.  Businesses spend a lot of time filling out useless forms. This is not acceptable. UK businesses deserve a fast and transparent service.

Our first two services are business energy switching, a £6bn+ market place,  and company formation, 650,000+ new companies formed per year with a c. £ 100mn+ services spend.


EnergyBillKill.com is the UK’s first business energy switching website with instant quotes, switching and carbon offsetting.


The UK’s first limited company registration app with a bank account.