Business services, from startup to enterprise

The MachFast Group helps owners & managers to simplify business tasks.

We build tools that save time and money from start up to nationwide businesses.

< 10 min., formation, current account, domain

Form a company, get a business current account, free for a year with a refund on your company formation fee.

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< 10 min., save & switch business energy 

Compare business gas and electricity prices, find a great deal and get the contract signed during your coffee break.

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Set up Your New Company in Minutes or Switch Business Energy

We’ve spent thousands of working hours building our apps so that you can get things done in minutes. We focussed on the things which irritated us so that you could have a great experience.


Do you hate obscure jargon and complex forms? I, (Aidan), suffer from formophobia.  The Apps are designed for me, so everything is boiled down to a conversation and horrible jargon translated into plain English.


We get you going quickly, without collecting useless information upfront. If you are forming a company, we will first help you find your desired name for your company. If you are switching business energy, we will first help you find the best prices.

Save Money

We’re already cheap, classy but cheap! When you are forming a company with our apps and get a Business Current Account, your company formation fee is refunded AND you don’t pay a monthly fee for a year. This is simply an amazing value. If you are switching business energy with us, we have massively cut down broker fees (by 50%+) so you can get the best deals in the market directly from energy providers.

Always on Your Side

We set up our Apps in a way to works for us. If we can do something better if you need help with something if there is anything else we can do for you… Just let us know. We don’t give advice, but we want to give you a fabulous service.